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~ daily worship


Connect with God on a daily basis through daily worship. Grow in faith and love through the word of God and advance your bible study with journaling. Calm your mind and achieve better sleep with Christian Meditation and Prayer.@glorifyappofficial

~ jump rope

Elite Jumps

Founded by world champion jump rope coach, Elite Jumps designs durable, premium quality jump ropes that help athletes and enthusiasts improve their skill.@elitejumpsco

~ rope flow


Rope flow is a powerful, dynamic, and athletic movement practice that truly links the mind to the body like no other training too. The rope can increase your aerobic and anaerobic capacities.@axiofit

~ apparel

Vitae Apparel

We seek to redefine the social and physical standards for women across the globe. We hope to empower our Vitae Babes to be more confident. To fall in love with their own bodies. And truly inspire other women to do the same. Beauty comes in all shapes, all sizes, and all ethnicities, and we strive to embody this.At Vitae, we ensure that all of our products are of the highest caliber. Our designs go through consistent quality testing and control to achieve this.@vitaeapparel

~ water jug


A HydroJug is a reusable water bottle (with straw and carrying sleeve) that holds approximately half a gallon of water (up to 73 ounces). It is built with premium Neoprene material to eliminate water bottle sweat and insulate your HydroJug, keeping it cool and fresh.@hydrojug

~ compression socks

Comrad Socks

Socks with benefits! Daily compression socks for all-day energy, support, and comfort.@comradsocks

~ comfortable slides

Pillow Slides

Never deal with the pain of your feet being uncomfortable again. The Pillow Slides are like walking on clouds, giving you much-needed foot, joint, and hip relief.@mypillowslides


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